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Prevention Program

High School Teens are at High Risk of Human Trafficking

When teens are lured by a trafficker, they usually have the freedom to say no and walk away...if they have the awareness and skills to do so.

Sparks is a 5 - 10 week prevention group that teaches high school teens how to recognize and avoid sex trafficking.
We are currently coordinating with local high schools and other organizations to host these crucially important training courses.
Our groups are led by a certified trainer and use curriculum in partnership with Love146.org, an international non-profit organization.



Our prevention program uses a proven curriculum called NotA#Number developed by Love146.org, a partner organization with THRIVE New England.

All of our trainers are certified by Love146.org.

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The Tools

This program teaches youth how to protect themselves from human trafficking and exploitation through information, critical thinking, and skill development.  It also helps them identify their own vulnerabilities and safely navigate exploitative situations.

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We need your support

to continue bringing the Sparks Prevention Program

to New England Teens.

There are many ways you can make a difference!
Your contribution will make a lasting difference to at-risk teens!
Would your community organization like to host a prevention class?
Host an awareness fundraiser to help support prevention in your area!

Teens in your community need your support!


Help us make sure not one more teen is exploited.

Together, we can prevent human trafficking!

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