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Our Mission

Prevent sexual exploitation and support survivors through education and personalized services.

Our Approach

Empower and advocate for victims and vulnerable populations

Resource professionals to protect and support victims and the vulnerable

Mobilize communities to address vulnerabilities and needs

Thrive services and trainings are survivor-designed to meet the specialized needs of those in our care.
Our Programs
We offer solutions to prevent exploitation before it starts
and serve those who have already experienced or been affected by commercial sexual violence.


Prevention Education

Our curriculum equips teens with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and avoid trafficking and exploitation.


Restorative Care

A collaborative network

of trauma-informed caregivers working together to meet the 

survivor's unique needs and goals.


Survivor Leadership

Empowers survivors of trafficking to create and achieve professional or personal goals through one-on-one mentorship and job skills training.

Take Action

 There are opportunities for EVERYONE to protect the vulnerable.

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