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Our Mission


Educate and empower New England teens.

Support and strengthen New England survivors.

We must reach children before predators do.
Child sex trafficking should not exist. 
We are working to end the exploitation and trafficking of children in New England by raising awareness and providing prevention education for teens.
Our Programs
We offer solutions to prevent exploitation before it starts
and serve those who have already experienced or been affected by commercial sexual violence.

Prevention Education

Thrive Prevention Program equips teens with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and avoid trafficking and exploitation.


Restorative Care

The Restorative Care Program is a collaborative network

of trauma-informed caregivers working together to meet the 

child survivor of sexual exploitation's unique needs and goals.


Survivor Leadership

This program empowers survivors of trafficking to create and achieve professional or personal goals through one-on-one mentorship and job skills training.

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Make a Referral

Refer someone in need to one of our programs

You can make a tangible difference.
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Become a monthly donor.
Preventing child exploitation and providing care to survivors only happens with a consistent commitment to serve the vulnerable.  We are thankful to our monthly donors for making our work possible month after month.
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Learn about the problem.
Do you know the red flags for trafficking? 
Find out the most common tactics used by sex traffickers and statistics for your state.  Raising awareness makes it harder for predators to hurt others. 

 There are opportunities for EVERYONE to get involved in the fight to protect the vulnerable.

Find out how you can

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