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Restorative Care


This program is an opportunity for children from hard places to move into their future with healing and hope.
A child who has survived trafficking has experienced tremendous trauma and may require a high level of ongoing support to experience healing.
Though there are short-term residential care facilities in New England, there are few organizations offering an affordable, scalable, long-term model of care.
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Trafficking and Child Welfare

A background of abuse and trauma—coupled with the impermanence of foster care or congregate care—can make children in out-of-home care especially vulnerable. 


A 2013 report by the HHS Administration on Children, Youth and Families cited a number of alarming statistics, including several studies showing that 50 to more than 90 percent of children who were victims of child sex trafficking had been involved with child welfare services (HHS, ACF, 2013)

Our Program



A caregiver is referred to us with a child who has experienced commercial sexual exploitation (CSE).



Our Care Coordinator will guide them through developing a care network and Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI©) trauma training.



The child and caregiver(s) will be connected with a trained Survivor Mentor; an adult survivor, who will provide personal support for the child as they work through what they've experienced, learn to move beyond their trauma, and pursue customized goals.



The Survivor Mentor and Care Coordinator will create a customized care plan, which will provide individualized opportunities for whole-person restoration and empowerment.  



The caregiver(s) and child will have regular ongoing meetings with their Care Coordinator and Survivor Mentor and will also receive ongoing refresher trauma trainings.

We want every child to know they are loved.

Help a Child in Need
Are you a professional or caregiver who would like to learn more or refer a child in need to our program?
Are you interested in fostering a child survivor of commercial sexual exploitation?
Trauma Training
Children who have experienced extreme trauma need special care and understanding.  We will be with you every step of the way as you learn how best to care for them through Trauma Training with our team using a Trust-Based Approach.
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