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Take Action

You are in a unique position to help end abuse and protect the vulnerable.

There are opportunities for EVERYONE to make a difference!

As an Individual

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We can only bring our programs to the community with the regular financial support of individuals like you!

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Host an Event

Host a Fundraising Awareness Event to spread awareness and raise support for Thrive's programs.

Image by Marita Kavelashvili

Learn More

Learn more about trafficking in your area, what to do if you recognize red flags, and share this knowledge to equip others.

As an Organization

Regular financial support makes our work possible!
  • One-Time Donation
  • Monthly Donations
  • Host Fundraising Events

Provide Event Support

​Host Awareness Events for your community.  There are many opportunities to make an impact!
  • Educational Events
  • Social Events
  • Service Projects
  • Host a Thrive Prevention Class for youth in your organization or community.

Provide Program Support

Directly sponsor and facilitate one of our initiatives in your area.
  • Sponsor a Thrive Prevention Class
  • Sponsor a Restorative Care Family
  • Sponsor a Survivor in the Survivor Leadership Program.
Help Us Get the Word Out!
Follow and Share Posts on Social Media to Help Us Raise Awareness

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