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Survivor Leadership


There is often a gap of support between
the time a survivor comes out from a trafficking situation and the time they are achieving life goals.
The Survivor Leadership Program offers practical guidance and skills to support and build the confidence of each individual, so they can transcend the trauma of their past and THRIVE in an independent, victorious future.
The Program
Every survivor has their own gifts, needs, goals,
and is in a different place in their healing journey.
Our program is customized to each individual and provides:

One-on-One Mentorship

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Leadership Training

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Strengths and Gifts Analysis

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Healthy Life Skills Development

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Time Management

Money Management

Healthy Boundaries

Personal Care

Support Networking

and more!

Goal-Based Job Skills Training

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Computer Literacy



Interview Practice

and more!

Opportunities to Spread Awareness and Contribute to Trafficking Prevention Education

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Be The Change
Find out more about our program and how it can be customized to your goals.
Participants are assured anonymity and will have customized safety protocols.  This program is not intended as initial adult survivor aftercare.
Take Action by giving monthly to support our Thrive Prevention Program, Restorative Care Program, and our Survivor Leadership Program.
It is only with regular donations that we are able to offer these life-changing programs.

Survivor Stories

This video was created by one of our Survivor Leadership Program participants.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

Survivor Story

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