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About Us

Would you like to know more about Thrive New England?

Our History

The idea for Thrive New England began to take shape in March 2014 with a small group of passionate Mainers desiring to provide aftercare for teens who have survived the horrors of human trafficking. 

As we learned more about the prevalence of human trafficking throughout New England, the devastating harm to the victims, and the limited options for comprehensive, specialized care, we determined to create a sustainable model for facilitating restoration.

After years of research and support from many volunteers, the Thrive Restorative Care Program was developed to meet the unique needs of teen survivors of sexual exploitation.  Informed by adult survivor leaders, this program is specially designed to offer a long-term, survivor-driven, strengths-based restorative path, made possible by various trauma-informed partners, including – licensed professionals and professional groups, service agencies, faith-based organizations, colleges, etc.

During the research phase of Thrive’s development, the need for prevention measures to protect kids from exploitation became obvious. Teens usually have a period of time before being trafficked when they can say “no” and walk away.  We knew that teens needed tools and training in order to recognize and avoid grooming, exploitation, and other dangerous situations.


In the Spring of 2018, we launched our Thrive Prevention Program at Sanford High School! This program has continued to expand into different locations and youth-serving organizations each semester. Our goal is to bring this prevention program to schools, colleges, and community groups in the New England area and stop trafficking before it takes place!

In early 2019, as a way of honoring and encouraging our survivor leaders, we began a program to equip adult survivors of trafficking as they transcend the trauma of their past and engage in personal growth. Thrive’s Survivor Leadership Program provides customized 1:1 coaching and support groups to provide practical guidance for building confidence and attaining goals.

We are excited for you to link arms with us and join our movement!



Our team is supported

by passionate volunteers

and devoted counselors,

some of whom are themselves

survivors of human trafficking. 

We deeply appreciate

their dedication.  


Nichole DaRosa

Executive Officer


Patty Morrow

Operations Officer

Finance Officer


Stacy Gebauer

Marketing and Communications Officer



Event Coordinator

Polygon 3

Brynn McCurry

Director of Programming

Polygon 5

Stephanie Morrow

Thrive Instructor

Polygon 6

Mariah Larocque

Awareness Advocate

Social Media Assistant

Polygon 5

Diane Scarponi

Awareness Advocate

Polygon 8

Jen Dix

Executive Assistant

Polygon 6

Mary Waterhouse

Thrive Prayer Team Leader

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent child exploitation and serve those who have experienced or been affected by commercial sexual violence with personalized, trauma-informed training and care.

Our Vision

Thriving teens, valued survivors, and victorious communities.

Our Approach

Provide mentorship, training, and advocacy to prevent the sexual exploitation of New England teens and offer restorative care for those directly impacted by sexual exploitation.

Our Core Values






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