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2022 Epic Scavenger Hunt Banner.png

Thrive's Epic
Photo Scavenger Hunt

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April 29th - May 1st


  • Teams of 2 - 6 people

  • Family, friends, coworkers, youth groups, anyone!


  • Teams will receive a list of Photo Challenges April 28th.

  • Completing tasks will award your team points.  ​

  • Post each photo on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ThrivesEpicPics2022.

  • Raise support & awareness.

  • Top teams will receive prizes!



  • Participate from anywhere in the United States!

An Event With Purpose

To help fulfill our mission to protect New England youth, this fun event will also include safety principles and strategies challenges that teach kids how to stay safe online.​

Check out some of these principles below and click the link to learn more about online safety.

Image by Yura Fresh

Control Your Content



Only post appropriate material and remove any inappropriate or illegal posts and images from your profile. Also, protect your friends by getting permission to share images/videos of them.


Check account settings and control who can see your posts, your profile information, and your location. It is best to keep your account private and allow only trusted followers/contacts/friends to share and comment on your posts.


Notify the app or website of any inappropriate requests, harassment, threats, or illegal behavior such as nudity, alcohol, or drugs, and block the sender.

Image by Malte Helmhold

Think Before You Share



Do I have permission to post this image or video from the people in the photo/video?


Do I want the whole world to have control over this post because once I post it I can't control who sees it or how they use it?


Do I want to suffer the consequences because I can choose to post but I CAN’T choose the consequences, which can range from embarrassment to legal penalties?

Abstract Shapes

Raise Support

In addition to being tons of fun, this event will raise support for Thrive New England's anti-trafficking programs.  Your donations will help us continue to provide prevention education for teens and provide care for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation.  

To be eligible to win prizes, each team must set a goal of at least $100 

Make your donation or support your favorite team here
Abstract Shapes
Raise Support
  • Print and customize this letter to ask for support from family, friends, or local organizations
  • Create healthy competition by challenging another team!
  • Have a bake sale!
  • Remember, everyone in your team can chip in!
Your donations are going to a good cause.  Thank you for helping us #EndTrafficking!

Thrive New England is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 
Abstract Shapes


Smitty's Cinema, Sanford
Funtown Splashtown USA
Treetop Adventures
Indoor Ascent
Monkey C Monkey Do

Please partner with us to protect and support local teenagers by donating prize items or services such as gift certificates, vouchers, or raffle baskets.

 Each donating business will be highlighted on the auction site and in shout-out posts throughout the event weekend.

Contact us to make your prize donation at

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